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Mannapages is a website that Mannatech associates receive based on meeting a certain enrollment level. An example web address would look something like “”. An associate can use this web link to promote the Mannatech product line and business opportunity. There is an option for several different countries to check before browsing.

Mannapages will allow someone to make a retail purchase, register as a member customer, or associate. These three options offer different pricing options on the products. The associate option also allows someone to earn income through the Mannatech Compensation plan. The Associate needs to maintain a qualifying purchase each business period to earn this income.

Mannapages allows the browser to find out about Mannatech the company. They can view the entire product offerings. Products range from optimal health, skin care and fitness. There is an option to request more information as well.

There are other Mannatech approved websites that can help accomplish some of the same things mentioned above. The layout and functionality may even be better. An example of this is